Fellow hairdressers?

Are there any other hairdressers out there who don't have the heart to charge family? Am I the only one? When I first started it was understandable because I was learning but then you come to that point where this is now your career. Even my parents pay me. What don't they understand? My aunt and uncle just recently visited when I came home from Delaware. She was so hesitant but nicely asked if I could find the time to do her hair. Of course I did and it turned out beautiful! The problem is, when I go to visit them in March, everyone and their mom will be lined outside the door waiting for free services. Cousins I didn't even know I had. How do you guys deal with it? haha I don't want to be rude but they expect (in a 2 day trip) for me to do 3 haircuts and ombre color. Doesn't sound like much but they don't live near a cosmoprof and sally's is over 30 minutes away. Not to mention that I've never highlighted my cousin's hair so I have NO idea what she pulls and if I will need to tone her/ what toner I'll have to use. How do other stylists handle this? Advice please?

xo chels


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