Anyone else?

I don't know about other people but I used to own so many purses! Lately, I've been loving wallets though. I'm buying them like crazy and finding any excuse to have another!

Birthday? new one. Concert? need another! I'm just a crazy spendaholic but I always know what I want. I've been searching for a nice wallet for three weeks now and haven't found anything that really stuck out to me. I looked at all different styles, all stores and even all over ebay haha :) I decided I wanted a double kisslock that opened to card slots? Random, I know. After a long time, I finally found the perfect one! Voila! :)
The inside. Magnetic closure

Random zipper in the middle? haha

I love it! <3

Kenneth Cole. That will be scratched up in no time haha

One side. Change zipper and big pocket

Other side. Plenty of card slots, a big pocket and a money pocket.

The best part of this wallet? 25 dollars! I found it on ebay and saw multiple people selling this same wallet for almost double and people kept on bidding! haha yay for unexpected steals! :) I love everything about it, especially the print<3 What do you think? Do you have something you just can't help but buy more of? 


  1. Lovely post, I love you blog!:-)
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  2. I love perfect, organized purses. Nice blog, keep up the good work:)



  3. Thank you so much Mila! Sure :) Followed<3

  4. Haha me too! The more compartments, the better! Thanks Laila :) It means a lot! Followed<3